In most restaurants there’s no one person that impacts your day-in, day-out profitability and success like the one who manages your kitchen.

Here are 10 traits that we’ve noticed consistently in kitchen managers of highly successful independent restaurants.

How Does YOUR Kitchen Manager Measure Up?

  1. The best KMs can be found in the kitchen, not the office.
  2. They keep the recipe binders up-to-date, in good condition and easy to get to.
  3. They make using the recipe cards mandatory. They don’t trust anyone’s memory.
  4. They plan for “teaching moments” every day.
  5. They conduct food demonstrations in shift meetings.
  6. They perform detailed line checks before every shift.
  7. They develop key people at the window and expo stations.
  8. They constantly encourage communication and organization.
  9. They are dedicated to achieving your ticket time goals.
  10. They manage the “flow” and don’t get tied to one task.

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