MIAMI RESTAURANT CONSULTING (MRC) of MIAMI & KEY WEST FLORIDA…An All-Inclusive One Stop Shop For the Hospitality Industry…

MIAMI & FLORIDA KEYS RESTAURANT CONSULTING, MANAGEMENT & BROKERAGE em>FIRM….Providing Solutions to Your Entire Restaurant’s Operational, as well as, Real Estate Brokerage needs.

Our Accomplished SRC Team of Highly Specialized Restaurant Professionals is Led By the Exceptionally Ambitious & Unique, Hands-On Style of, Chicago Native… Marty Bombenger…the Successful and “Award Winning Owner of Multiple Restaurant Concepts, for Over 35 Years

The Restaurant Industry is Marty’s Passion and is Showcased by the Relationship He has with His Clients and the Vast Amount of Experience He Shares with Them… He Knows the Challenges and the Joys of Owning and Operating a Restaurant and Views His Job as a Partner with His Clients in their Restaurant Journey

Marty started his working life at 15 years old washing dishes at a Chicago suburb, 5-Star Restaurant, known as Plentywood Farm…He has spent his entire career developing, growing, turning around and opening restaurants, in addition to leading, mentoring and inspiring many thousands of restaurant employees

Look for Marty to provide you with the expert guidance you will need in starting a successful restaurant enterprise…He has the knowledge and experience in helping you make the right decisions, for your Florida Restaurant, Bar or Nightclub, guiding you through every little step along the way

SRC Specializes in New Restaurant Start-Ups, along with an Outstanding Success Rate of Turning Around Struggling or Financially Challenged Restaurant Operations.

  • SRC are Efficiency Experts in Developing Strategies to always Improve their Client’s Financial Performance by implementing proven Control Systems that will Reduce Food, Beverage, Labor and Operating Costs while Maximizing Productivity
  • As your Management Company, SRC will manage your Restaurant’s Day-to-Day Operation…. SRC has the expertise to lead your project, starting from Restaurant Conceptual Development, Menu Planning, Facility Design, Construction Bidding and Project Supervision, Management and Employee
  • Selection and Training… through opening day, with continuous and ongoing support